Total Station Starter Kit CST/berger #56-TSKIT

Total Station Starter Kit CST/berger #56-TSKIT  Top of the line model.Includes all the top-quality accessories to begin using an electronic total station.Application: Start kit for electronic total station, Material: Tripod-hardwood and fiberglass, Prism pole and bipod-high grade aluminum Tripod made from sturdy hardwood and fiberglass Prism pole and bipod are made of high-grade aluminum Precision-cut prism with Bag designed to protect prism during transport or storage Manufacturer: CST Berger 56-TSKIT Email for pictures. New Stock. Ready available to ship.

CST/Berger Total Station Starter Kit 56-TSKIT is a well-rounded kit that will get you started quickly and easily.

The 56-TSKIT Includes:

  • 60-WDF20-O Wood/Fiberglass Tripod, 72" (183cm) open, 42" (107cm) closed, 5/8 x 11 thread, flat head; 16 pounds net weight.
  • 61-2540 Medium Prism Bag (Use for 63-1010, 63-2010, etc.)
  • 63-2010M Universal Series Single Tilt Prism Assembly, Metal Yoke
  • 67-4260X Thumb Release Bipod
  • 67-4708TMA Prism Pole, Maxi-Lite, 8' (2.5m), 2.1 lbs., 2 sections
Total Station Starter Kit CST/berger #56-TSKIT
  • Item #: 56-TSKIT Dlx
  • Manufacturer: CST/Berger
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