CST/berger 15'/4.6m, 4 Section Quik-Lok Prism Pole 67-4515TMA

CST/Berger 67-4515TMA Quik-Lok (Adjustable Top) Prism Poles 15'/4.6m, 4 Sections Offers fast setup and positive clamping without pinched fingers. Forget about inaccurate readings due to a slipping pole. The Quik-Lok will get the job done with its fast setup and positive clamping. All Quik-Lok poles feature sturdy and dent-resistant aluminum construction. The poles top section is anodized and imprinted with permanent graduations warranted for life; the bottom section is electrostatically powder painted for durability. The pole is designed to be easily cleaned and serviced. Adjust clamping tension yourself to suit your needs. The Quik-Lok's wide clamping surface will not scratch pole graduations, and assures a tight clamp. Each pole includes a circular level vial and replaceable hardened steel point. Features 10ths and metric (every 2mm) graduations and precise adjustable 5/8" X 11 mounting stud to suit all commonly used prisms. Outer Pole Diameter is 11/2" (38mm). Quik-Lok (Adjustable Top) Prism Poles 15', 4 Section The durable, non-pinching Quik-Lok is easy to operate; lift the lever to unlock and adjust the pole, lower the lever to clamp the pole at the desired height Adjust clamping tension yourself to suit your needs The wide clamping surface will not mar or scratch pole graduations Pole top section is anodized aluminum with permanent 10ths and metric graduations covered by a lifetime warranty, plus a precise adjustable mounting stud Pole bottom section features dent and warp-resistant aluminum, powder painted for durability Pole includes circular level vial and a replaceable hardened steel point Email for pictures. New stock.
  • Item #: 67-4515TMA
  • Manufacturer: CST/Berger
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