Sokkia Current Market PDA with SDR Level 5

Sokkia Current Market PDA Kit (Item# 802-1-0005) with SDR Level 5 Software Kit (Item# 607-1-0018) , Retail Price: $2,095.00. Built on knowledge from surveyors and previous generations of SDR electronic fieldbooks, SDR Level 5 Data Collection Software is assembled to follow a logical field collection process. Its full functionality increases your productivity by offering topographic surveying, stake out, roading, and coordinate geometry (COGO). SDR Level 5 runs on multiple platforms including Juniper Systems Allegro CX, Two Technologies JETT.ce, Pocket PC PDAs, and others. Save time with the ability to switch between GPS and Terrestrial sensors, and ensure the quality of the reading as you check the coverage of collected points using a graphical view.
Sokkia Current Market PDA with SDR Level 5
  • Item #: 802-1-0006
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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